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Great Room Design Tips

A log home is magnificent and a well-designed Great room is probably one of your ...

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Top Luxurious Log Cabins across United States

Log cabin getaways personify something inherently cozy especially in close proximity to nature and rustic ...

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Essential Building Methods for Energy Efficient Construction

The least expensive and best approach to log home building while conserving energy is at ...

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How to Protect Log Walls

Log walls need protection from heat loss, air infiltration, as well as moisture infiltration and ...

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Log Homes


Planning your Log Home

When you are an outdoor enthusiast or own a lovely acreage especially in the woods, ...

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Modern Log Home Design

Modern log home design has changed dramatically over time and it is no longer a ...

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Timber and Log Homes

Many people do not realize the main difference or even similarities of Log and timber ...

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Preparing Log Homes for Winter

The best time to do routine maintenance in keeping log homes, looking good, solid and ...

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Managing Wood Shrinking in Log Cabins

When you work with natural material such as wood it is natural too that shrinkage ...

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Log Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Everybody wants to save on utility bills and keeping warm at the same time and ...

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